“The first time I meet Tess was back in 2012 in Canberra. Her Passion and love for this industry is unbelievable.


Back 6 years ago when Ona coffee was knows only by few locals in Canberra Tess’s reviews have helped us as company progress quicker in industry.


Most importantly Tess’s reviews are pure, honest, encouraging and what I love is that she writes about everyone involved in the coffee chain starting from the farmers. I have been following her page and use this as tool to see where I can possibly have my next coffee. 

We are so blessed to have People like Tess supporting our industry, and helping us to bring more values out of the coffee we serve in our cafes.

Sasa Sestic (World Barista Champion, 2015)
Managing Director, ONA Coffee Wholesale (Canberra) Pty Ltd

Tess Presso- the name itself pretty much explains what this lady does.


My coffee journey has never been the same since Tess popped in my store and did a review.


After her review- which was shared on social media, we started seeing more and more new faces coming in to try our coffee, many of whom said they had heard about us through Tess’s review.


Her efforts don’t just bring in more new customer to the business, it acknowledges the barista’s hard work, and gives them a reason to keep pushing on, and moving forward.

Since discovering Tess Presso, I always refer to her Instagram account to find a good café to visit when I have a day off work. Her account is like a specialty coffee guidebook, but one that’s updates constantly, not one with outdated information.


What Tess brings to the coffee community is a fair chance for every barista to shine, not just the cafes backed by the big corporations. She always tries to help small businesses, and has even gone as far as offering our business advice.


In short, if you have a passion for coffee, then you attract the Tess Presso Spotlight

Joel Wyn, Owner and operator, Cote Terra Coffee Roasters, Oakleigh (Victoria)

As a new micro roaster based in Sydney, I have just started roasting coffee for my new venture, and have been learning as I go.


I was lucky that someone sent my coffee to Tess Presso to try, and she liked it so much she not only wrote a review on it, but shared it with a few cafes in Melbourne.


The very next day, someone contacted me through Instagram, saying he also sampled the beans Tess shared with him, and placed an order.  That was my 1st ever order in Melbourne.


She is such a wonderful asset to the coffee community, and has great power to share a product that she believes in.

Jibbi Little, Sydney based Q-grader, ASCA competition judge, coffee roaster, and reigning NSW Latte Art Champion.