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Wolf on Watton

I’m old enough to remember when The Pet Shop Boys released ‘Go West’. I’ve actually been doing a lot of that lately, and it’s led me to discover this gorgeous venue on Watton Street.

Wolf of Watton has a wonderful story behind it, which tugged at my heartstrings. Step-Brothers James Pearce & Nathan Salvalaggio launched Wolf on Watton in September last year, as their first business together. What’s wonderful is, that it’s housed in the same building their nonna Bianca ran a café called Trovarellis Coffee House way back in the 1970’s. Previous to that, their great-granddad had a fruit shop at this corner spot back in the 1940s.

It’s a great lineage, and one that’s bound for success, which is exactly what the boys are hoping to achieve with their café by day, a restaurant by evening, and wine bar by night. They became so fed up with having to travel afar for cafes and restaurants, they decided to bring it to their own backyard. Literally, considering the pair live around the corner. The venue itself boasts an outdoor area, and large open space curated by Studio Equator. It’s surrounded by natures beauty, and sits alongside the Werribee River, which will soon be home to a new development for outdoor entertaining.

The modern Australia menu offers a range of innovative dishes (see Instagram @melbournehuntress for food description and photos). Come for the coffee, stay for the food. It’s not difficult to lose a few hours here. In actual fact, it’s not a loss, it’s the most satisfying win. I’m convinced it’s the Western Suburbs best-kept secret, and I’m unapologetic in my quest to let the cat out of the bag. Whether you’re north, south, west, or east based; a trip to Werribee for this welcoming canine is a must.

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