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Two Conversations

After a short hiatus, Taek Han Yoon has returned to Melbourne's coffee scene, opening his own venue on Equitable Place.

This pocket-sized coffee shop launched the day lockdown restrictions were lifted in Melbourne a little over a month ago.

His aim is to provide a space for coffee drinkers to start a conversation... Or two, about those deep pressing issues we all were forced to face during this 'unprecedented' year. I love any opportunity for a chat, and can easily lose hours talking to cafe owners and baristas ( Thanks, TK!)

Coffee is roasted by BW from Acoffee, and they are currently serving a Kenyan Gicherori as a filter coffee 🍊🍊🍊.

Say hi to Brandon if he's on the tools.

Two Conversations is open Monday to Saturday 8 am to 4 pm (9 am start on Saturdays ).

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