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South Morang isn’t an area I tend to frequent. In actual fact, today was my first day traveling to this area. Yes, I too have my limitations! The good thing is, I made the trip to this once farming area on the outskirts of Melbourne, which, in recent years, has seen a growth in residential estates. Husband and wife duo, Emily Su and Martyn Tiong moved over here from Melbourne’s South East, when they saw a prospective location for their first café.

The pair have extensive experience in the hospitality industry, with Emily excelling as a chef at Highett’s ‘The Diplomat’, and Martyn managing cafes and working his craft behind the machine at local favourites like ‘District Brewers’ in Bentleigh.They have always led by example, and here too have created an atmosphere were staff feel a sense of pride to represent the name, which is inspired by the bible reference to your blessings being threefold. Locals have already welcomed Thirtyfold to the area, having craved their own local café to call home, rather than travelling to nearby suburbs. Likewise, Emily and Martyn welcome all into their warm and aesthetically pleasing surrounds, which are as inviting as the pastries under the glass cabinet, and delicious aromas drifting from the kitchen.

Personally, it’s hard not to have an attraction to this café with a name motivated by its owner’s gratitude to goodness in his life. In a way, Thirtyfold is all about giving goodness by way of service, nourishments, and the much needed daily dose of vitamin C for coffee; and in return receiving joy from knowing customers are served properly. Coffee is sourced from Symmetry, with both single origin beans and a house blend available to meet every palate. They also offer alternative milks, so those with lactose intolerance and vegan lifestyles have the opportunity to dine without missing out. The current single origin available for espresso was a washed Colombian from Finca Los Pedregales, which had a crisp acidity, and clean white grape notes.

The All Day menu has been crafted to showcase Emily’s take on Melbourne’s style of café dining, and features some delicious options like the Sticky Benny with soy caramelised pork belly and garlic chips; The vegan friendly soba noodle salad with braised tofu and a 5 spice dressing; Beef Brisket Croquettes; and the Chicken Karaage Burger with Asian slaw.

They open bright and early at 7am weekdays, and 8am on weekends, and last call for drinks is at 4pm. Find Thirtyfold at 11 Gorge Road, South Morang.

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