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The Kiosk Torquay

Most people take a trip to Torquay for a dose of the surf life, and to splash around at world renowned beaches. It is after all, the launching pad for the Great Ocean Road.

Me on the other hand, I trek out to the famed home of Bells Beach, for the coffee, and what better place to have a coffee kiosk, than a precinct surrounded by some of the biggest names in surf wear.

The Kiosk’s inception was spawned from a desire to serve fuel by way of caffeine and light snacks to the surf city locals, which has grown into a community hub.

They’ve got locals covered for the after-swim hunger pangs and the need for energy replenishment.

A recent makeover has allowed the Kiosk to fit in with the beach blue vibes, and positive energy that attracts those craving a fresh space to chill before and after dipping one’s toes into the salt water.

Beans are roasted locally by Mikro, with the Little Italy blend presenting that quintessential espresso experience we have all grown to love; doused with chocolate and roasted hazelnuts tones. Find them at shop 3, 61 Surf Coast Hwy.

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