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Tamper Trap

I do love a café with an ‘alliterative’ name, especially if it’s the same letter of my name. Alliterations have always helped me remember titles, which is something I appreciate more as an adult. They are also a great stylistic literary device for creating flow. Speaking of flow, the locals have been flowing through the doors of this Bay Street hotspot since its launch.

Owners Kai Churchward and Kosta Koukouravas unveiled their first café earlier this year, which is located on the southern end of Brighton’s much loved Bay Street. The pair are well versed in the coffee industry, having previously worked at venues such as Vanilla and Temperance Society. When this corner spot became available, they thought the time was right to put their own stamp on Melbourne’s café scene, and so The Tamper Trap was born.

The sundrenched open space has a clean feel, with a striking wall feature completely covered in greenery. It serves at the perfect backdrop to the light timber furnishings, and softens the concrete surrounds.Head barista Aaron Kerschner takes the reigns of the La Marzocco Linea PB, working his magic with beans from both Maker Fine Coffee and Dimattina. I was delighted to have a Burundian espresso, which had warming dark fruit tones.

What really impressed me about The Tamper Trap is the option of their own version of Greek Coffee, which is made similar to a frappe, but rather than using instant coffee, they use a double shot of espresso. I admire the boys for deciding to put this on the menu, because it shows their commitment to traditional styles and respect for modern produce. It introduces specialty coffee to traditional coffee drinkers in a palatable way. Pardon the pun.

Speaking of palates, yours is in for a treat here. Head chef Chrish Gurung has crafted a seasonal menu, with some hearty winter warmers. There’s the Trapped Chilli Scramble with bacon, chorizo, and cheese tomato; Oreo Vanilla Panacotta with house made granola; Honey Hotcakes with a chocolate mousse; and Cheesy Croquette Benny.

The Tamper Trap is open 7 days a week, and can be found at 181 Bay Street, Brighton. Say hi to Kai if he’s around, his smile is contagious! And do try the Greek Coffee, it’s definitely a point of difference in the area. A welcome one too, for that matter.

Tamper Trap

181 Bay Street


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