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Brighton is famed for its beach boxes, bayside bike trail, and health-conscious residents. So, it would come as no surprise that a café in the thick of it, caters for bike riders, mindful eaters, and beach go-ers. Superrandom sees Ibrahim Houli at the helm, who knows a thing or two about the café culture. He’s owned several cafes around town, including Wee Jeanie in Yarraville. A move down South sees Ibrahim catering to locals who know what they want, and how they want it. Doors open early here, and a back entrance permits bikes to be walked through into a safe space so riders can enjoy a pit-stop without worry. Health is also kept front of mind, which is what motivated Ibrahim’s choice in Oat Milk. The espresso blend at Superrandom has a traditional Italian style; with a rich body and flavours of dark cocoa and roasted hazelnuts that work great with Oat Milk. The two seem to pair well together, not only making life easy for the barista, but is also convenient for the health-conscious consumer wanting a plant-based alternative, not tasting too different from dairy milk. Admittedly, you certainly won’t see me in lycra riding to this New Street café. However, you may see me appreciating a café serving specialty coffee in this prestigious bayside suburb, whilst offering a quality flavour experience for alternative milk drinkers.

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