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St Rose

White brick walls, dotted greenery, concrete floors, and timber furnishings…. Sounds very Melbourne, hey? It’s exactly what the Caruso family used as a springboard 6 years ago, for what now is their café empire. It’s been 3 years since my last visit, so I thought I would pop in while out exploring the north side of town. What remains timeless about this space? The flavour focused food that while remaining instagrammable, stays true to the authenticity of a pleasurable dining experience. Stand out vegan dish? The Coffee Bircher… A must for the coffee fiends (Let’s be realistic, who isn’t in Melbourne?). Espresso infused muesli, with a decadent coconut sorbet, and cocoa puffed quinoa. On a health kick? You can’t go past the Sautéed Greens. The amalgamation of Persian feta pumpkin puree, and dukkah, has you feeling like you’ve just guided your tastebuds through a forest of deliciousness. They roast their house blend at Bureaux Collective, and have guest single origin beans. Try the Ethiopian as a batchy! Where? 19 Rose Street, Essendon

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