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You know what they say, the Saul always knows!

In Carnegie, Saul is certainly turning heads, and knows just how to please the locals. This tiny sandwich bar packs a punch, and some pretty impressive merch.

It’s brought to us by Leor Haimes & Elliot Koren, who many will know from Time & Place in Bentleigh. Both have grown up in the area, and noticed no one was championing the simple pleasures a sandwich can bring. While many were battening down the hatches during COVID, Leor and Elliot brought Saul to life, and the humble Sanga has certainly been drawing the crowds.

There’s a touch of nostalgia at Saul’s, with old school stacker mugs, and retro red and white theme. Everything is takeaway, and on any given day, you’ll see hordes of people lining up for the already infamous Three Cheese and Onion Melt, and Deli Cold Cuts Sanga. For those with a sweet tooth, there’s the rich Russian Vanilla custard puff pastry cake, made locally by Elliot’s parents.

While many come to Feed their ‘Saul’ (Ok, I’ve hit my daily limit of puns!), I was busy caffeinating mine 💪.

After a year of restrictions and not being able to visit many roasters, its sheer joy to have Clark St Coffee available in my area. There are two blends on offer, one for milk, and one for espresso; as well as Batch brew. For the record, I adore Clark St not only for its tasty coffee, but sustainable practices. I know from the years of meeting roasters and producers that certain projects in coffee growing regions are created to break the cycle of poverty common to these regions, and the Wallflower Blend has components from such projects. I guess you could say, this coffee is good for the Saul 😉.

The fact their batchy was made from an Ethiopian coffee was a bonus! It had a floral aroma dominated by jasmine notes, with hints of honeydew.

You’ll find Saul at 315 Neerim Road, Carnegie. They’re open from 6:30 am until 3 pm every day, except Sunday. Uncle Saul needs a sleep in, and opens at 7 am on Sunday's!


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