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Plank Espresso

When I heard that a new café had opened in Pascoe Vale, and the owners christened it with the name ‘Plank’, I thought these guys must be fans of the infamous ‘Planking’ craze. Owner Ibby is a fitness junkie, and the name was born out of a desire to employ the 1 meter long plank as a serving plate. It’s designed to allow visitors the opportunity to try from the variety of cuisines on the menu, which are inspired by the diversity of cultures that are well represented in Pascoe Vale. To be precise, the metre long brekky board consists of toast, eggs, avo, sujuk, Lebanese sausages, zaatar, samboosak, haloumi, hummus, hash browns, grilled tomato, feta, sun dried tomatoes and olives, and a dessert of the day.

On this rather indulgent menu you'll also find Camel Burger, Nutella Knafeh, and Pumpkin Kebbe. It's a multicultural melting pot, rich in flavours and halal-friendly. Much like the melting pot of cultures in this northern suburb. Locals usually have to drive to Brunswick for their halal friendly cafes, but now have one at their doorstep. Literally!

Considering the team from 85 Espresso in Spotswood are behind this Pascoe Vale site, I’m not surprised to see the coffee on point, with milk and black espresso offerings, and batch brew.

Find them at 438 Gaffney Street, Pascoe Vale.

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