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Introducing Peddlr- Abbotsford’s best kept secret!

Visiting Peddlr was like playing a game of trivial pursuit. For me, playing trivial pursuit is all about learning fun facts, and making sense of history. One thing Peddlr has over the board game though is great coffee!

Here are some fun facts:

Peddlr started as a pop up. This Type H 1972 Citroën van was sourced from France by Peddlr’s owner, Amir Shayan; a self-confessed cycling tragic, who designed the van’s fit out (which may I add- won the 2014 Eat Drink Design Awards). 

In its former life, the van was used as a ‘Broom wagon’ in the Tour De France to pick up cyclists who couldn’t complete the gruelling race. 

After 3 years on Melbourne’s roads, Peddlr found a permanent home in a vacant Abbotsford warehouse, which was often filled with the malt smell of brewing permeating the area. Being a designer, Amir took the opportunity to activate the area which was suffering from ‘Urban Degeneration’. Fast forward to today, and the locals are counting their blessings, especially the cycling groups who meet at 6:15am desperate for a refuel. Peddlers, both two and four legged have sought shelter at this Abbotsford space for the past 3 years. Now for the history lesson- this area was a dairy way back in the 1940s, long before the warehouse was even built. It’s a sign of the times, that Peddlr now champions alternative milks with their coffee. The team have actually noticed a trend since the 2020 lockdown, which saw people’s habits change. Consumers seem to have become more self-conscious, and are making healthier lifestyle choices. 

I was happy to see they also serve batch brew, made from a very impressive Gesha from Honduras. The El Puente had delightful citrus tones, with a sweet honey aftertaste. 

You can find Peddlr at 203 Langridge St in Abbotsford. They’re open every day from 7:30am until 2:30pm.

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