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The healthiest Pumpkin in the Patch.

Richmond isn’t short of a café, or roasters for that matter. So you having a point of difference is very important. Patch does just that. It’s a quaint café housed on the grounds of the old Channel Nine Studio, dedicated to clean eating, and paleo inspired dishes. In an age where health and nutrition are at the forefront of lifestyle choices, having the availability of a café catering for health conscious folks is essential. Pairing that with quality coffee from one of Melbourne’s up and coming roasters, Cote Terra, is a match made in heaven.

The interior features remnant of its former warehouse space, with exposed red brick walls, concrete flooring, and high ceilings with tall arched windows that allow natural light to flow through to the dining area. There’s an outdoor area with a picturesque views of Melbourne’s skyline, and a ‘dog friendly’ grassed area.

The entire menu is gluten free (except for their sour dough bread made in-house), and packed with natural goodness. Bread is made in-house daily, as are the paleo treats adorning the display cabinet on the main bar which looks into the open kitchen.

I did enjoy reading the playful dish names, like the ‘Don’t Gnocc-it til you try it’ sweet potato gnocchi with chorizo and goats cheese; the ‘Living on the Veg’ breakfast patties; and the ‘Planet of the Crepes’ , which are coconut crepes filled with hazelnut butter, fresh berries, and banana.

Coffee is sourced from Cote Terra Roasters in Oakleigh, and extracted through their new Sanremo Racer. There’s the Flying Dutchman blend for all milk based coffees, which has a solid body with smooth finish; and rotating single origin beans for black coffee. The Ethiopian Kochere washed lot has great complexity as a short black, and tasted like Earl Grey black tea with peaches.

Find Patch at 1/32 Bendigo Street, Richmond. They’re open 7 days a week from 7am to 4pm weekdays, and 8am to 4pm weekends. Be sure to say hi to Chris, and check out the great view from the outdoor area.

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