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The Pardon featured prominently in the media at the beginning of 2021, with Trump issuing over 70 of them as his reign came to an end. Politics aside, there’s a Pardon in Prahran that has no connection to exonerating punishment- but rather preventing it! After all, caffeine deprivation is a form of punishment in my world!

This pocket-sized café has been perched behind Greville Street for almost a decade, clearly withstanding the test of time. I first visited Pardon back in 2013, when the team who also gifted Melbourne the world renowned ‘Cup of Trust’ decided to spread their wings into what’s colloquially known as ‘Pran’.

It’s changed hands a few times since, and the current owner has brought a touch of Japan into the venue, by way of a library of Japanese culture books, and staff who speak the language fluently.  They recently launched their Azuki Matcha Latte, after discovering so many locals are wanting to learn more about the Japanese culture, especially now with travel restrictions. 

As a result of limited space, the food menu focused more on your ‘grab and go’ style bagels and toasties, which pair perfectly with their BLK blend from Undercover Roasters. My coffee had a bold body, with flavours that reminded me of chocolate covered nougat.  

You can find Pardon at 3-4/155 Greville Street, Prahran.

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