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Otto Epicurean

A trip out towards the shores of Port Phillip Bay is always a pleasure, even if its winter. That’s thanks to the ever growing café culture in the southern bayside area.

Sandringham, or ‘Sandy’ to the locals, has a charming village vibe, which not only attracts locals, but also lures tourists, beachgoers, cyclists, and folks like myself keen to experience the laid back atmosphere. Otto Epicurean fits right in to this community. Its turquoise tones draw out memories of days spent soaking up the radiant sun by the beach, and create a calming ambiance. The blackbutt timber décor blend perfectly with the light blue tones to accentuate that beachside feel, which is complimented by the warm sunlight flowing through the windowed frontage.

Being fan of palindromes, owner James Feldman thought Otto was a great name for this corner cafe. He’s obviously also devoted to servicing the sensual pleasure derived from fine food and coffee. Much like the venue itself, the menu is embellished with refreshing options such as the Wild Berry Bircher, and Salmon Stacks.

Coffee is sourced from Toby’s Estate, with their Brunswick Blend for white coffee, and Single Origin beans for black coffee. The curvaceous Kees van der Westen extracted a bold Guatemalan espresso, with honey and almond tones evocative of praline chocolate.

Find Otto at 50 Station Street, Sandringham.

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