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Back in 2013 I remember visiting a newly opened café in Windsor, it was called Two Lost Boys, and they served coffee from ‘Monk Bodhi Dharma’. Six years on, and the venue has changes hands, and names. One thing that has not changed, is the coffee. It’s still sourced from ‘Monk Bodhi Dharma’, the only difference now is, the roasters name is ‘Disciple Coffee Roasters’.

With an ownership change came a name change, and change in attitude. The venue is now called ‘Oppen’, and is a nod to the owner’s admiration for the Scandinavian culture. Zume Pham travelled extensively through Scandinavian countries, and gained an appreciation for their style, design, and approach to food. So much so, he brought it back to Melbourne.

A highlight of the menu is the selection of smorrebrod’s (open rye sandwiches), with toppings such as Beetroot, Hummus, Macadamia, and Apples.

There’s also the Hot Smoked Salmon with; Caulflower Steak with Quinoa and Sunflower Cream; and Buckwheat waffles with saffron pear, popping liquorice, and buttermilk foam.

They also have a few nice alcoholic drops to go with lunch, including cocktails such as salted caramel espresso martinis, and the Nordkapp, which is a blend of gin, Lillet Blanc, grapefruit bitters, and aquavit.

Open for just over 3 months, you will find Oppen at 20/2 Maddock Street, Windsor, just next to the Windsor train station.

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