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Neon Beatniks

“Live by example, not by declaration”.

Kirsten Taylor has opened her second café, and has spared no effort to make it as welcoming as possible. If her first café (Hopper & Joe) is the pretty little girl of the family, then Neon Beatniks is the strapping big boy. It features darker tones, ample greenery, and no sight of timber. Instead, you’ll find nothing but smiles upon entry, and the warmest welcoming. I’ve been away in Sydney, and was starting to feel homesick, but visiting Neon Beatniks was like a heartfelt embrace. It speaks volumes when a team has the capacity to make you feel like the most important person in the room…. And that’s before your coffee is even served.

Kate heads up the kitchen, and apart from her contagious smile, she brings with her years of experience, having worked as a head chef at Hopper & Joe, and Red Door Corner. She designed a menu that takes inspiration from all over the globe. It’s as ethnically eclectic as Brunswick itself, and transforms a selection of common dinner dishes into breakfast options. There’s Roast Pumpkin with goats cheese & Beurre noisette ; Breakfast Bruscetta, Loukoumades, Kimchi Bowls, Dahl Fritters, Fried Chicken Burger, and Classic toasties.

Coffee is roasted by Symmetry Coffee Roasters, and extracted through a brand new Sanremo Racer. The house blend is combination of smooth butterscotch with sweet chocolate, while the single origin is a fruit filled naturally processed Ethiopian.

Neon Beatniks is a lighthouse on Glenlyon Road; giving hope to those of us who relish in goodness in service and product.

Neon Beatniks

43 Glenlyon Road


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