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Mister Hoffman

Established almost 5 years ago by husband and wife duo, Dean and Petra Parker, Mr Hoffman sits on the edge of a little shopping strip on one of the main thoroughfares, Hoffmans Road. Back then, the area was void of a community focused café locals could call their own, and many would travel east for that quintessential Melbourne coffee experience. Meeting Petra solidified why this café is such a success. Having spent most her career as a teacher, you quickly realise how nurturing this café owner really is, and how her team completely emulates that care she fundamentally possesses. Effortlessly, may I add!... At the core of Mr Hoffman is a commitment to quality without compromise, both in product and experience. This has evolved from years of listening to what locals want, and creating an oasis where many retreat to.

I do believe what attracted me to this café, and everything it stands for, is its communal attitude. The staff, are like close family, customers become friends, and the care factor is at the forefront of every decision made. This is seen right down to the menu, which champions locally sourced and seasonal produce that’s both honest and nourishing, catering for an array of dietary requirements. It's great to see the recent introduction of Califia Farms Oat Milk, which is used both as an alternative offering for milk coffee drinkers, and in the Bircher Muesli Dish. This dish stays true to its vegan status, sweetened with myrtle syrup and not honey, which marries wonderfully with coconut yoghurt. Chatting with head barista Marcelo, I discovered that Oat Milk has taken off among coffee drinkers looking for a healthy alternative to dairy milk. It’s a bonus that it’s such an easy product to use, and Marcelo has been relieved his latte art quality isn’t compromised. If ever there was a reason for those south of the Yarra to venture out north, Mr Hoffman is it. Keep an eye out for Petra she’s usually on the floor making sure visitors are as comfortable as possible. But she may well be in the kitchen baking her new batch of wholesome cakes, or washing dishes. A tell-tale sign of a true leader, who, may I add, speaks to the culture of this wholesome café.

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