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Melbourne Vintage Audio

Melbourne has its first La Marzocco Leva machine in full use at a suburban café. Having established itself as specialists in vintage audio cases, Melbourne Vintage Audio and Espresso Station was the fitting location for this lever actuated espresso machine, which pays homage to the traditional ideologies, while combining it with innovative technology. They’ve retired their original lever machines into the cosy café behind the front window, which feels like entering a time warp. Vintage artefacts, antique furniture, and samples of their portable speaker systems made from vintage travel cases and bags. It’s an ideal quiet space to grab a coffee, read the morning paper, and have a moment to reflect.

Coffee is sourced from Cortado, which is a local roaster named in honour of the traditional espresso coffee made with a small amount of steamed milk; popular in Europe. It’s also a reflection of their desire to ‘Cut the BS’ in coffee, seeing that Cortado is the Spanish translation for ‘cut’. The provision of honest coffee, extracted through a machine dedicated to consistency and control, is a certain means of delivering on their goals.

Apart from its striking design, the Leva X offers flexibility and regulation without compromising ergonomics. Each group’s pre infusion pressure, shot volume, and extraction pressure can be individually controlled, with temperature stability by way of an advanced PID temperature control, and real time pressure gauges on each head. This had given the baristas here the full control of each shot, which is exactly what they require from their machine. Their Guatemalan microlot worked a treat through this machine. My cup was bright, with hints of stone fruit, and a sweet finish. What was most evident was the great crema it produced. Watching this machine in action is both a theatrical, and sensual experience. I stood in awe of the barista, who seemed to be fully engaged with the process; testament to his commitment to quality.

Where? 39 Station St, Malvern.

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