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Melbourne Coffee Academy

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

When you’ve had almost 15 years’ experience in the coffee industry, you know both the needs of a student and a teacher. Charles Skadiang has been both throughout his career, starting his professional life in IT, and later moving into coffee where you learnt the ropes at Coffee HQ, and national barista competitions. Many will know Charles from Dukes Coffee, where he was head trainer and barista for almost a decade.

Last year saw Charles answer his calling, and so the Melbourne Coffee Academy was created. A simple glance of the logo, which depicts ascending mountains in its acronym, hints to the respect held for coffee farms, and the importance of growing, and students reaching new heights

Set in the Waterman Business Centre, which houses hundreds of small businesses in the outer east, Charles teaches the art of coffee in a dynamic setting, where real life skills can be taught.

Being an independent coffee training centre in a co-working space, the training doesn’t occur behind closed doors in a warehouse; rather, it takes place in a social environment, where people engage and interact with the students. After all, coffee has always brought people together, and been consumed at a social level, so why not learn about it in a collective setting.

The approach is quality focused, with the aim to achieve maximum results. Charles isn’t just teaching barista skills, he teaches leadership. The goal is to implement an apprenticeship program, to offer a pathway for people wanting to become baristas.

With almost 15 years under his belt, Charles is devoted to front end education, and training up future industry ready baristas. He’s already started on his 4 year old son, who currently brews Charles his morning coffee using the home Moccamaster. If that’s a reflection of his level of dedication, then the future barista is in safe hands with the Melbourne Coffee Academy.

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