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Little Sky

Small batch gelato, paired with quality coffee = Little Sky.

I had the pleasure of meeting Max from Little Sky recently, while taking time out to feed my soul (and belly).

It's always a joy to meet small business owners driven by ethics, and passion.

After spending his working life in Joinery, Max decided to head to Italy two years ago, and studied the art of gelato making.

At the beginning of 2020 he opened his gelateria on Bay Street in Brighton. Little did he realise what covid had in store for the globe, let alone his little sky dreams.

However, Max stuck it out, and stood by his convictions. I was in awe of his resilience and commitment to using ethically and sustainably sourced products, from cocoa to coffee.

The venue itself is housed in a 19th-century building, and presents a calm space with blue tiles and salmon toned seating that's surrounded by terrazzo side tables. The open window into the kitchen area allows for a theatrical touch.

Being small batch, flavours rotate weekly. Coffee is roasted locally at Omar Coffee Bird. Saturday nights are great, because they open until 9 pm.


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