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“In the universe, there are things that are known, and things that are unknown, and in between them, there are doors.”  ― William Blake

Famed for bringing Top Paddock, Kettle Black, and Higher Ground (and the rest!) to Melbourne, the Mulberry Group has now brought us Liminal. Based in the foyer of one of Melbourne CBDs busy office buildings, it was an absolute joy to see Ben Clark and Nathan Toleman in their element, within discerning and refined T&G Building. With a history that spans back into the 1920s, this iconic building is also home to Google, Nike, and Lune. 

The name itself is a reflection of the transition we all experience at some stage in our lives. It reminded me of my own experience, being at a transition in life, and on the cusp of something new. In the case of Liminal on Collins Street, it’s the passage between Hosier Lane and Collins Street, work and rest, and the beginning of greater things to come for the Mulberry Group.

Think luxury when it comes to design. Curated by Stella Collective, the large open area seating over 100 and featuring  an emerald green theme, with banquette seating lined with leather, gold trimmings, and a display of wine offerings in refrigerated units.

The menu offers a selection of breakfast and lunch options, such as the Brown Rice Pudding, and Prawn and Cauliflower omelette. There’s also the Mozzarella and Sage Toasty with anchovies, and Ricotta hotcakes with berries. The menu is consciously designed to offer delicious and interesting dishes reflecting the seasons, care of Martin Webster and Zac Nicholson.

Coffee is from Square One, with a blend made up of Brazilian and Colombian beans, which tastes like chocolate and vanilla in a cup, and chocolate mousse as a milk coffee.

Open daily from 7am to 6pm. Find Liminal at 161 Collins Street, Melbourne. 

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