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I remember visiting this site when Nathan and Sarah still owned Apte (last decade!), and noticed they have kept the original countertop as a nod to the origins of ‘A Place to Eat’.

Kissaten is brought to us by Adam Wright, who thought it was time to sober up after working several years in the alcohol industry. The venue was inspired by the original Japanese tea rooms, which evolved into coffee houses with American influence last century. Adam pays homage to his father in law, a Japanese chef, by offering a Modern Australia café, with a Japanese feel. The clean and crisp interior features a live Bonsai, and ample natural light- care of the north facing windows.

Edward Noble, former head chef at AU79, has designed a simple yet flavourful menu, with options such as the Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki, with Raman noodles; and Salmon Benedict with organics miso hollandaise.

Coffee is by Locale, with the Ethiopian Kercha Guji as a black coffee option this week.

Open all through Easter; find them at 538 Heidelberg Road, Alphington.

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