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International Coffee Day

What does International Coffee Day mean to you?

How much do you value your coffee? Enough to care about the rights of farmers picking the cherries before processing? Enough to pay a bit more for your morning coffee, so that farmers can be ultimately paid fairly? Enough to stop and consider the mental health of the guy making your latte? I wonder how many people actually care about the coffee supply chain, and the strain it is currently under.

I agree with my coffee friend Andy from Omar Coffee Bird, who believes today is a day to think about the complex coffee chain. That is, the many people working hard to give us something simple, yet something that is part of our daily ritual.

How much do you know about the coffee supply chain? As Andy wrote, it includes all of the people involved in farming: agronomists, fruit pickers and processing staff. It then continues to freight and logistics staff (this may or may not include donkeys), warehousing staff, exporters, dock workers, shipping companies, importers, roasters and finally you, the consumer.

Each and every step along the way involves people. People are the most important part of the coffee chain.

So, the question then is... How much do you care about people?

Coffee is a great example of the amazing things humans can do when they work together.

Coffee is, after all, a means for connection. So today, I raise my cup to the blessing that is connection, and the goodness it harvests.

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