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Good Love

Dylan Thomas and Samantha Schreuder are bringing Good Love to St Kilda, in the form of a cruelty free and totally vegan café/bar.

Having spent years in corporate hospitality, the couple found themselves with time on their hands after their former employer, Bimbo Deluxe, caught fire last year. The place was doing 500 pizzas a day, and the couple excelled in managing the venue, and coordinating events.

They decided the time was ripe to create their own space, and a change of pace was in order. Five months since opening, and Good Love prides itself in its ability to flavour profile, and craft meals that are flavour driven, and ethically made. Everything is made in house, from vegetables and herbs & spices. The pair have control over everything that goes out for consumption, and nothing is sourced from a packet. Its cruelty free, with no mass producers involved in the process, so no slave labour either! Better yet, all ingredients are locally produced.

What I love most about this venture, is that it’s driven by positivity, inclusivity, and a humble approach.  The name Good Love was inspired by 80s disco funk tunes, and aims to promote that caring and sharing attitude held by its owners.

Good Love is an experience like no other. While it can be a casual drinks spot on the weekend, they also offer a fully immersive experience, where you are walked through how a dish or a drink was created, and why it was created. As consumers, we are afforded that unique conversation via a customer waiter interaction, so that we begin to think about flavours and the taste experience, and better understand how we consume.

The all vegan menu features everything from the humble Bacon & Egg Brioche; Falafel Bowl; HSP; as well as the popular KFC, which is battered jackfruit made using a secret herbs & spices mix, served on grains and greens with a chilli mayo.

Coffee is roasted by Proud Mary, and there’s a full list of vegan wines, beers, and house infused spirits, such as the house made fig gin.  By the way, they also make their own milk, which is a blend of soy and oats, thus bringing out the smooth chocolate tones from the Humbler Blend.

Find them at 56 Acland Street, St Kilda. Just look for the pink Good Love neon light.

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