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Gesha Cafe

Gesha Coffee is exactly as its name implies. A café dedicated to the Gesha varietal of coffee, which originated in Ethiopia. The Gesha varietal, sometimes misspelt as Geisha, boasts some of the most distinctive and complex flavours, and is renowned for its high price tag. Many have defined Gesha coffee as the crown jewel of the coffee world, which has been showcased by World Barista and Brewing Champions over the last decade. Prominent Café Operator Ken Taing fell in love with these coffees several years ago, and gained prominence in Melbourne’s Coffee scene whilst at Oakroom in Ashburton, and later at Focus Melbourne; a mere stone throw from his new venture on Whitehorse Road. It’s here that Ken exclusively functions as a conduit between consumers and some of the world’s most exceptional beans, available only in limited quantities. Tight control over each step of harvesting and processing by producers such as Ninety Plus permit such incredible flavour profiles.

It’s at Gesha Coffee that we are afforded the opportunity to experience these rare coffees, sourced from farms in Panama, and Ethiopia. Ken typically has 10 gesha coffees available on his menu on any given day, and brews them via a selection of methods which includes the Siphon. This theatrical alternative brew method is a complete sensory experience, that presents a clear, crisp, and flavour rich coffee, perfect for a naturally processed Gesha from Panama. I thoroughly enjoyed the Panama Baru from Reformatory, which had an incredibly sweet aroma reminding me of chocolate coated gummy bears. In the cup, its complex plum, ripe cherry, and blackberry flavours were most prominent.

If you’re a coffee enthusiast, then you’ll have to add Gesha Coffee in Surrey Hills to your bucketlist.

Find it at 496 Whitehorse Road.

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