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Let’s be frank- everyone loves a good local. Especially when it takes a no BS approach. Harry Butler and his team at this Cheltenham hotspot do what they do best and they do it well. Being frank about their approach to hospitality wasn’t the sole inspiration for the name. Harry has always admired his late grandfather, so naming a venue in his honour was a fitting tribute. Being good with woodworking, Harry had his hand in the venue’s design, working with Ewert Leaf Studio to create a simple fit out where timber features prominently, with leather seating along the side wall. There’s even a striking neon sign, just in case you forget where you are. I had the pleasure of meeting Head chef Eli Faye (formerly at Golden Child in Glen Iris), who reminded me that this frankness filters through into the menu. Every dish ‘under promises’, and over delivers. The Violet crumble Crepes remind you of those childhood days eating honeycomb chocolate; while the Mushroom Medley is infused with flavours thanks to the crispy potato shavings, Parmesan, and truffle tapenade. Coffee is roasted locally by a brand I’m not too familiar with, Halleluiah, but it seems to work well for the demographics. The blend is bold, with dark choc on the finish which works a treat through the customised La Marzocco Classic - courtesy of Dan Specht. Come for the coffee and stay for the vibe. Staff will make you feel welcomed, it’s not hard to lose track of time here. Find Frank’s at 97 Cavanagh Street, Cheltenham. Open daily from 7am to 4pm, and 8am til 3pm Sundays. 

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