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Elie Nootenboom of Eazytamp

”The scientist discovers a new type of material or energy and the engineer discovers a new use for it.” Gordon Lindsay Glegg.

I had the pleasure of meeting an engineer who has contributed to the wonderful world of coffee earlier this month, and the encounter was nothing short of awe inspiring. Mr. Elie Nootenboom may not be a familiar name to many of you, but no doubt the Eazytamp is. Elie is the creator of this globally renowned coffee tool, and also a celebrated builder, engineer, and artist. His family run business today creates both the Eazytamp and Eazyv3tamper, and prides itself on a commitment to innovation, and precision. What’s more, all tampers are made in Australia, and can be customised to suit each baristas needs and style.

I had a chat with Elie, to learn a little more about what brought him to Australia, and the wonderful world of coffee.

Born in Holland, Elie left home at the age of 14, and enlisted for a 4 month voyage around Africa on a cargo ship as a pantry boy. On completing his stint as a sailor, he returned to complete a Fitter/ Welder diploma, and soon after migrated to New Zealand and worked on various construction projects. He soon left the Land of the Long White Cloud, and ventured over the Australia, where he spent his early 20’s as a fitter/welder in Melbourne, and not long after joined the building industry. Elie established a building company, completing projects in Toorak, Camberwell, Melbourne City, and for the Australian Galleries; as well as a joinery business in Abbotsford.

Following further studies, Elie then moved into business coaching, while also researching the Ancient Mayan Culture and History.

It wasn’t until 2006 that Elie entered the coffee world, which was instigated by a friend who had been unable to press adequate pressure when tamping coffee. As a true engineer would, he saw a problem needing a practical solution, and so the Eazytamp was born. Elie recognised that a spring action device would produce the pressure and consistency required, and the rest as they say, is history.

Recognising the demand in the market for such a tool, Elie went on to produce the tampers commercially, and patented his idea. Since then, the eazytamp has undergone a number of re-designs, allowing for a more functional and ergonomic tool.

Since the original eazytamp, Elie has developed the Five Star Pro levelling tamper, as well as the electronic eazyv3tamp, and industry leaders have been testing and using the device globally.

What I appreciate about these tamps, is that they are all manufactured in Melbourne, and proudly wear the Australia Made logo.

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