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District Brewers

Set in the backstreets of Bentleigh, District Brewers is as much a community hub, as it is a steadfast café.

Established over 3 years ago, District Brewers is run by passionate hospitality operators who cut their teeth in the industry at the fledgling age of 18. Named after the road on which it’s perched upon, this local café has a well established reputation for great food and coffee made only from fresh produce. A recent revamp of the menu saw the introduction of cocktails, permitting the pairing of breakfast with a Bloody Mary, or an Espresso Martini with lunch.

Speaking of breakfast and lunch, some popular options are the Sticky Date Hotcakes with homemade pecan brittle; Slow Braised Beef Reuben; and Mexican Queso Fresco Fritters.

Coffee is sourced from Symmetry Coffee Roasters, with espresso and cold drip options available. Their Seasonal Blend offers a smooth milk based coffee, with hints of butterscotch.

Single Origin beans rotate weekly, and the current washed Pacas varietal from Honduras stands testament to its Cup of Excellence prestige. As an espresso, it had a wonderful aroma of stewed apple, with hints of cacao on the finish.

Located in an unassuming pocket of Bentleigh, District Brewers has grown into a stalwart of this south eastern suburb.

District Brewers

36 Brewer Road, Bentleigh.

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