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Dan Specht of Specht Design

“A mans accomplishments in life are the cumulative effect of his attention to detail”.

If ever there was a gentleman in coffee who epitomises this notion, Dan from Specht Design is it.

For the record, Specht is German for ‘woodpecker’, a nickname his wife gave him while observing his woodworking skills.

Dan is respected by all, which is a reflection of the respect he has for each and every coffee machine he lays his eyes and hands on.

I know I’m not alone when i say, this master craftsman inspires coffee enthusiasts and designers alike. It was his ability to turns timber into art that first caught my attention several years ago, when I had my own restoration company. Its a shared love for natural beauty, and the cup of goodness we call coffee, which has brought us together.

Today I raise my glass to Dan, his family, and his wonderful team that help create what Specht Design is today.

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