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Contraband Coffee Traders

Many may know of Chris Legge from his Brunswick Street café, Newtown Specialty Coffee. It’s there that he met his calling, and went on to establish his own roasting label, Contraband Coffee Traders.

With his self-assigned duty to attain and share delicious coffee, last week saw Chris take the opportunity to open a flagship store for Contraband at the Preston Market. Just as the market has evolved over recent times, this next phase for Contraband is indicative of Chris’ progress in the industry. He put Craig from Brewtech to the task, and had a La Marzocco Strada AV customised, with a matching Mythos and EK grinders.

The coffee bar is typical of a market stall, and while it may be limited in space, has an abundance of delicious coffee.

The Mythos grinders are stocked with the Harlequin blend for milk coffee, and the Witch Doctor for black coffee.

My espresso shot was made from a naturally processed Brazilian Patrocinio, which tasted like chocolate fudge.

You’ll find Contraband Coffee Traders at stall 9 of the Preston Market. Do say hi to Chris, hes the softly spoken gentleman smiling behind the machine.

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