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Connections through Social Media: Coffee Props.

Since joining the Instagram community, I’ve had the opportunity to meet fellow coffee enthusiasts from all around the globe. A fine example would be Scott Couchenour from @coffeeprops. Many of you would know this account for its carefully curated coffee shots. I took a deeper look into what lies behind the coffeeprops label, and discovered a man who is more than just a coffee enthusiasts, he’s an executive coach and organizational consultant. Scott Couchenour’s first coffee encounter came in the form of a can. To be precise it was a can of Folgers. Then his ‘real’ coffee experience came at a local coffee shop in his hometown, which was owned a friend. Scott would be the first customer in the shop, and spent countless mornings discussing brew methods, grind size, and the multitude of facets permeating the third wave coffee culture. It was this that sparked his interest in coffee.

I’ve had many a conversations with Scott, and the one thing that has stuck with me, was his story about how he was inspired to become deeply involved with coffee. It was 4 years ago that Scott found himself sitting in a coffee shop thinking about the stresses he was facing as a CEO of a struggling business. Midway through his cup of coffee, he noticed something magical in and around him; the conversations, the delightful aroma infiltrating his senses, and the vibe in the venue that effortlessly soothed his soul. At that moment, Scott was able to reclaim the strength that seemed lost, and head back to the office to face the stresses of the day.

It was then when Scott decided to share his coffee vibe, with the Instagram community. It would be his way of sharing his love for coffee with the world, at the same time releasing the pressures of everyday life. This created a connection with others, and so the name Coffeeprops was born, because he was essentially propping the owners of the photos. The rest, as they say, is history.

Four years on, and over 4,400 images later, Scott now has 103,000 followers, and is humbled to be connecting coffee lovers worldwide.  

📷 by @kathesarah

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