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Melbourne’s ever growing Docklands has its very own coffee culture, and its one worthy of appreciation.

While many have been granted the opportunity to admire the view of this great city from the Melbourne Star at the Docklands, Cocobei presents a stylish space to get your caffeine fix, and daily feed- which is just a stone’s throw from Melbourne’s bustling CBD.

Opening late 2018, Cocobei takes its name from the Mandarin term that is commonly used to refer to the coffee cup. It’s been a lesson in language for me, and a realisation of a love for coffee cups (Danny Tan) the manager of this venue has. If we look deeper into the coffee cup, when visiting a café, my main attention is solely focused on what’s in my cup, so Cocobei has already won my heart with their dedication to the humble brown beans. The house blend for all espresso based coffee is sourced from Danes Specialty Coffee, while filter coffee beans are sourced from rotating International Roasters. It’s this that distinguishes Cocobei from other cafes and their focus on coffee sourced from around the Globe. The current Ethiopian Biloya is from Bean Bros in Denmark, who showcase some of Europe’s best single origin beans. Think Jasmine aroma, citrus acidity, and hints of stone fruit.

The standout features don’t stop there. I was pleasantly surprised to find one of Melbourne’s bubbliest chefs in the kitchen here. It actually was refreshing to meet an outgoing chef, with a smile as wide as the sun setting in the west. Perusing the menu, I felt this was carefully crafted by someone with a passion for food. It came as no Surprise that head chef Alon Fine previously worked at 2 Birds 1 Stone, Smak, and various restaurants in South East Asia, and Europe.

Breakfast ranges from a Nutella and Marshmallow dish served on toasted Brioche with crushed rice puffs; Black Stick Rice with Pandan coconut cream; Milk Tart Pancakes made with candied egg yolk; and Kimchi Scrambled eggs served on a bao bun. If you’re coming in for lunch, there’s a selection of bowls such as the Zen Bowl with Soba Noodles and King Mushrooms; Salmon Croquettes; and Beef Brisket Sandwich with smoked mozzarella. They also do a unique Yorkshire Benedict with braised pork belly.

Cocobei is set to become Docklands destination coffee shop, which will showcase coffee from both Europe and Asia, while also sharing beans from Melbourne’s finest roasters.

Find Cocobei at 417 Docklands Drive.

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