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Citizens Cafe

I once had a restoration business in Carnegie. This meant I would start work at the crack of dawn, and only had time to hunt down a coffee locally before work. Back then, it was Spilt Milk that opened early enough for a quick espresso to kick off my day, and it was there that I met Jansen Domantay. All these years later, I find this great man has opened yet another café, alongside Aaron and Zane Kerschner. Citizen serves as the local café for the citizens of Murrumbeena. Many customers are former Spilt Milk addicts, who are delighted to see Jansen return.

Housed in a former Milkbar that is part of the Beauville Estate built by AV Jennings back in the 1930s, the café interior was designed by Jansen and the Kerschner brothers to offer locals a simple, clean, and Scandi inspired space to find sanctuary in.

In line with its surrounds, the menu offers a fresh and healthy menu, with Turmeric Granola, Banana Pancakes with buckwheat, tahini, and mascarpone; Chicken Curry; and Open sandwiches.

Coffee is from Padre, with the Daddy’s Girl blend for white coffee, and rotating single origin beans for Black coffee. The Brazilian Fazenda Sao Boa had the sweetness I adore in natural coffee, with a smooth creamy body.

Welcome back, Jansen. You’ve done the full circle, from the match box that was Spilt Milk, to the shoe box Misty Guy, and now back to the chip packet Citizen housed in Murrumbeena’s former Milkbar. A fitting return and a wonderful journey to have followed.

Find them at 229 Murrumbeena Rd, Murrumbeena.

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