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Chicken or the Egg

The chicken, no, the egg, no, the chicken, no, the egg. But the chicken needed to lay the egg. But the egg needed to hatch to create the chicken. Which came first?

This dilemma has caused much deliberation, and while we folks have speculated this cause and effect scenario for years, the important thing is that they both exist.

Speaking of cause and effect. I had the opportunity to visit Canterbury’s Chicken or the Egg café, and this caused great joy. The effect? Satisfaction.

The venue has a touch of class, with a French Provincial inspired interior.

The menu offers an abundance of breakfast and lunch options, with something for everyone. As I skimmed the all-day breakfasts, the Turmeric Crab Omelette, and Maling Road Bruschetta were tempting! I couldn’t go past the Taste of Paris, which seemed most appropriate in this elegant venue. Gracefully presented as a work of art on a plate, the Brioche French Toast was adorned with passionfruit curd, raspberry compote, salted caramel popcorn, a poached pear, and vanilla mascarpone. Its sweetness married well with the El Salvadorian espresso sourced from Axil.

While I’m no wiser as to which came first- the chicken or the egg; I’m glad to have discovered another gem of the Eastern suburbs.

Taste of Paris

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