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Cartel Coffee and Memories

Have you ever had a fragrance or flavour elicit a vivid childhood memory?

Well, it happened to me while at Cartel Coffee in Geelong .

Owner Nathan Johnston bar brewed me an Ethiopian natural (Hafursa Lot A7) via the Bkon, and the moment my cup hit my lips, I was instantly brought back to childhood summer nights when my brother and I would feast on fruit platters after a day at the beach.

My nonno would buy punnets of berries & bags full of cherries fresh from the market, and by sundown we were eagerly waiting with sandy skin and sunkissed hair.

Years later, my fascination with the psychology of smell drove me to study its link to emotions, which would become a captivating research project delving deep into the olfactory nerve; justifying just how aromas evoke memories.

Fast forward to present day Tess, and Im still addicted to those juicy fruit flavours reminiscent of fond childhood memories …… and the beach. Only difference now, is the copious amount of caffeine that saturates my world.

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