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Candy Weiss

Introducing Candy Gibson-Weiss.

Candy’s first serious coffee job was in the Adelaide Hills, back in 2005. Here she built her fair share of foamy cappuccinos, and reheated copious jugs of milk then she decided it was time to see what this coffee thing was all about.

In her early years, Candy began to understand the vital connection with her customers, and soon realised coffee wasn’t just about what went in the cup, but relied on the interaction with the consumer. Being extroverted, she gained an abundance of energy from being around people, so hospitality to her was a joy.

As the years passed, Candy did what every budding barista does, and thrived on the coffee scene, obsessing over heroes like Paul Basset, and entering regional and national barista competitions.

Her career highlights as a barista on the competition circuit, were competing against incredible coffee professionals such as Anne Cooper, David Makin and Scott Callahan.

It was 2010 when Candy moved to Melbourne, beginning her new coffee journey with Dimattina. Nine years on, and while her role has changed considerably, her thirst for knowledge has flourished. Moving from her barista role, to a training manager, Candy now spends her time training and nurturing young barista’s, coordinating events, and working amongst coffee professionals at events such as Golden Beans.

What I admire about Candy is her genuine care for those in her life, both professionally and personally. She thrives on nurturing businesses, so they can grow to their full potential, and I have heard first-hand the extent to which her care stretches.

What does Candy think of the Melbourne Coffee Culture?

‘One thing I'm loving about Melbourne at the moment is community, sustainability and how we are bringing back "old" ways of living and sustaining our environment and lifestyles. It's time to focus on coffee farmers, and address climate change.

At the end of the day, I order a coffee in places that I am not only paying for delicious caffeine but I also get rewarded with a little bit of love.

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