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Bobby's Coffee & Bagels

Moving from Sydney to Melbourne is a reasonable leap, but it makes sense when it’s done for love.

The story behind Bobby Coffee & Bagels is one which I adored learning about, but will gain the greatest pleasure sharing.

Mariella Traina opened and ran 7 ventures before moving to Melbourne for love. If you’re from Sydney, you might remember her from The Counter, and Meet Gerard.

Two years ago saw her move to Melbourne for her partner, and in effect, Mariella decided to open her own space in Melbourne’s CBD with brother-in-law & co-owner, Jonathan Mandel.

Their mission was to bring New York Style Bagels to Melbourne, paired with quality coffee sourced from great local roasters.

What really touched my heart was the fact Mariella named the café after her granddad, Bobby. At a stage in my life, where I’m walking my grandmother through her final days, it was heart-warming to see fellow coffee enthusiasts paying tribute to those who made it all possible- our grandparents.

The compact space has everything needed for a Melbourne coffee bar: Great coffee, neon lighting, timber stools, and close proximity to office workers.  Not to forget, the Bagels. The menu has a few cleverly named options, such as the ‘Garden State’ green slaw with hummus option, and the Tomayto Tomahto option with cream cheese.

Beans rotate regularly, with their current filter from Wood & Co, and espresso from Coffee Supreme.

Find them at the rear of 53/57 Lonsdale St, Melbourne. Open weekdays.

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