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Beat Coffee

Updated: Dec 21, 2018

Beats, Brews, and the endless pursuit for learning.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Leigh Mellington from Beat Coffee. He entered the coffee industry back in 2013, after spending most of his adult life as an Engineer. Leigh spent the better part of 2012 exploring the New York coffee scene, while also working in the music scene as a DJ.

His passion for coffee began with a Hottop Roaster, which eventually grew into a career.

This was triggered by a realisation that following one’s dreams was far more fulfilling than a life focused solely on ‘working for the man’, so to speak. A love for both coffee and music prompted the ‘endless search’, which is now being realised at Beat Coffee’s HQ in Reservoir.

‘Roasting coffee is a great avenue to create something that everyone can appreciate immediately, and is also something that most people are exposed to every single day’.

Clearly for Leigh, being driven by the desire to roast great coffee for others to enjoy, is a major motivating factor, and part of an endless search for the next great cup.

You can find Leigh at 50 Gertz Avenue Reservoir, Wednesday to Friday 07:30am to 3pm, and 8am to 2pm weekends.

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