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Barista Series: Spotlight on Keith Dwyer.

Ever met someone who is sunshine in human form?

Personally, I love the warmth & radiance the sun emits (not only for getting sun kissed each summer), and I love when I meet people who produce a similar vibrancy from their very being. Introducing Keith Dwyer, a young barista who’s smile was the first thing I noticed when I walked into a suburban café last year. When I decided to feature baristas on #tesspresso, Keith was top of my list. This salt of the earth human began his coffee career as a teenager at Gloria Jeans, and has since maintained his connection with the coffee industry while studying Nursing at Monash Uni. Keith’s appreciation for coffee captures the essence of why we must always pay our due respects to coffee farmers from all across the globe. It is these people, who allow us the opportunity to experience an array of flavours. ‘I love exploring the world with my palate’. While he cannot travel the world physically at the moment, coffee, and the story behind each bag of beans, allows Keith to feel connected to the world outside his own. Keith captures the vital need for humans to feel connected, when expressing his gratitude for a simple cup of coffee to connect him to fellow coffee devotees from different countries, cultures, economic backgrounds. More so, coffee has permitted connection with fellow baristas. ‘Not only do I get to work alongside an eclectic mix of people with a long list of passions, but I get to watch these people go along their journey and develop as people. It's like watching a plant grow’. It’s at this point I realised why Keith’s presence can light up a room, and why it was the first thing I noticed. This young man, unknowingly, echoes the one thing he loves about coffee- connection. The joy in his eyes when serving coffee is testament to his genuine desire to share that one human need we all crave- connection. Be it with the coffee you drink or the establishment serving it, connection is a fundamental part of the experience. Thank you, Keith for solidifying this.

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