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They’re forging their own path at this Victoria St coffee bar.

For starters, this is a pour over coffee bar.  Don’t come here for a skinny flat white, or extra hot latte. The only ‘milk’ based drink at this coffee shop is the cold brew made with oat milk (The head barista has a nut allergy).

The pair behind Path (Ashlee and Josh) have been in the coffee game for several years now, and they’ve finally transformed their vision into action after taking inspiration from the Japanese coffee scene.

The ethos is simple, unpretentious, and eloquent. Coffee is solely in the spotlight, and its not just any coffee- it’s the coffee they enjoy drinking themselves.

It’s a case of doing one thing (coffee), and doing it well (exceptionally well, if you ask me). Coffee is stored using sustainable means, such as vac sealed and frozen, and served in vessels that permit a tactile and sensory experience. Having judged coffee for several years, I truly understand the importance of a sensory experience. I’ve long said, coffee isn’t just a beverage, it’s a journey.

The team at Path understand that coffee can be complex, and a coffee menu can be difficult to navigate for some, with language that can at times seem a bit too complicated. However, they simplify the ordering process by designing a menu that spotlights the most nuanced coffees they can source, and groups them under four broad flavour profiles: Citrus, Floral, Berry, Chocolate. From there, consumers are encouraged to explore the flavour experience.

Currently on offer are batch brews starting at $5, pour overs that range from $6.5-$14, and espresso that’s $6-$7 a shot. The menu can vary depending on the roasters they've sourced from, and current offerings include a Kenyan from Manhattan, a natural Brazilian from La Cabra, and a Honduras Supernatural from Ona.

Its no surprise this is the go-to spot for baristas, so doors are open 7 days a week from 8am - 3pm.

Say hi to Josh, Ashlee, & Blue if you’re coming in. It was great talking shop with them, and meeting passionate members of the coffee industry.

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