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Congratulations, Kantaro.

This young man has brought traditional Japanese musubi and coffee to Melbourne. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen Miso Soup made through a pour over cone using all the coffee gear I have on my home brewing bar.

Kantaro explained, precision is the best way to maintain that consistency in flavour, and also ensure a soup doesn’t have too much or too little salt- a problem found in many establishments making large batches at one time. It’s a timeless approach, which offers an abundance of gastronomical and sensual pleasure.  All meals are served with a heated damp hand towel (Oshibori), which is not only traditional, but also a sustainable approach to minimising the use of napkins and paper waste.

Coffee is sourced from a number of roasters, including Small Batch, Reformatory, and Market Lane.

Stepping into 279 Victoria Street, felt much like stepping into a wellness centre, where time does not exist, and you are afforded the opportunity to take a break and indulge in the delicate pleasures and carefully crafted dishes common to Japan.

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